LŪVENTE is the creation of a family team of second and third generation jewelry makers who have seized this moment to do something different. Together, they saw an opportunity to offer their customers something more in terms of product, value, and service. And in so, doing created the LŪVENTE brand. Leveraging a collective 100+ years of experience in crafting, producing, and selling jewelry, they have created a unique offering of never before seen pieces. These pieces are artisanally crafted, produced from the finest materials with the most advanced technology, and now offered to you. Capture your finest moments as they were meant to be, with LŪVENTE.


It's simple: the customer matters most. LŪVENTE was born of Michael and Daniel's desire to put their customers before all else. While this practice was already a habitual part of everything they did, they felt the need to create a new brand that would further embody and support this practice. By founding LŪVENTE, they have been able to build the foundations that will allow their vision to grow. LŪVENTE has been designed for you. Seize the day and treat yourself the way you deserve. Your life's moments are yours; capture them forever with LŪVENTE.


A Premium Lifestyle Brand

LŪVENTE has been hand crafted by our artisans to encapsulate the most cherished moments of your life and the LŪVENTE brand has been equally crafted to reflect your unique lifestyle. LŪVENTE is a premium brand and designed for the most sophisticated buyers with an appreciation for the finer things life has to offer. The brand will capture your imagination and adorn you in luxury.

Moments Are Mine, Forever

Our Guarantee

Knowing that LŪVENTE quality is second to none, we offer an unmatched Lifetime Warranty that assures that the jewelry you purchase will always be protected. The LŪVENTE Lifetime Warranty guarantees quality, workmanship, and authenticity for the life of the piece.

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